First Year Enlistment: Boot Camp
The first step for all boys is to attend boot camp.  It is here that they all start at the same level.  They learn the basics in military courtesy, chain of command, how to march, and the importance in team work.  This is where they earn the uniform at the completion of boot camp.

This phase is one week of approximately 55 hours of training.  They learn to obey commands, follow instructions, and move with a sense of urgency.  They will be firmly corrected and will be given incentive training to help them adopt these new acceptable habits.  

The boys will train many different disciplines.  They learn to negotiate through an obstacle course, which requires rolling over logs, climbing over a wall, and climb up a 13 foot rope.  They will learn the importance of physical fitness and run every day individually and in group formation.  They will master archery and airsoft marksmanship.  There will be a qualification day for both of these areas to see how well they are able to apply what they have learned. 

After a week of training they graduate.  This is a ceremony for  the boys and the families.  The boys will demonstrate how they have learned to work as a team when they march in front of their families.  The boys will receive their certificate of completion.  We will recognize the top three in:

  1. Physical Fitness
  2. Obstacle Course
  3. Archery
  4. Airsoft Marksmanship

Just a few things to note:  The boys will be at training from Monday - Thursday 8am - 3pm.  They have to bring lunch every day with a refillable bottle of water. Boys will remain on site Friday 8:00am - Saturday 9:00am (Graduation Ceremony)

If they are absent: they will not graduate, they will not receive the uniform, and we will not issue a refund.  We are requiring a full commitment from the boys and their parents/guardians.

After Graduation they are part of the Camp Valor unit and can participate in all the events the unit participates in throughout the year: monthly training, camping trips, and marching in the Veteran's parade.

Camp Valor


Founded: 2011

Director: Gunny Hernandez,

                   USMC Retired


20-year U.S. Marine, Drill instructor and infantry instructor. Pastor of Christ Centered Church Bakersfield.

How it Works

Who We Are

Dedication        Determination        Discipline

Returning Soldiers

The Camp Valor soldiers that have completed boot camp are now part of the year's active duty unit.  Their name is on the roster and they can participate in all the events for that training year.  Attendance will be closely looked at and reviewed for promotions.  To continue in the next year of training all that is required is to pay the renewal fee of $120, plus maintain the uniform. If they outgrow, damage, or lose any part of their uniform all we ask is that you buy it either through our office or at a place of your choosing.  Just make sure to ask our director before you buy it to ensure it meets the uniform standard.

We re dedicated to help boys transform into confident young men.


Our approach is a simple one: we put them through a challenging training that requires their commitment, focus, effort, respect for authority, and accountability.  We give the boys responsibilities and hold them accountable to these responsibilities.  We will not tolerate excuses, lack of trying their best, nor talking back.  It is amazing what happens in these young men when they know what is expected of them, and are consistently held accountable to these expectations.; they grow in confidence!. 

Through all of this training they are also learning about God as their utmost authority.  They discover that they can be 100% manly and have a heart after God, like King David.

What We’re Doing

Company Profile

Camp Valor is a faith-based non-profit program. This is a program for young men from the ages of 9-17!

  1. They are challenged physically by physical training and going through an obstacle course.
  2. They are challenged emotionally by demanding discipline from them and taking responsibility for their actions.
  3. They are challenged spiritually by studying the Bible and learning how to apply its' principles in their lives. 

We are not a correctional program.  However, we believe our young men need discipline. More importantly, they need to connect with the manly attributes God has blessed them with and has planned for them when He created them.  It is a tough program.  Every young man that has completed the training has made positive changes in their lives. Even their parents are excited!

Our annual program begins in the summer.  We encourage all parents of young men interested to register early.


​1316 Shafter Rd

​Bakersfield, Ca 93313

Ph (661) 301-2230.