Re-Enlist, Camping, & other Event Fees.

Boot Camp Recruit List

What to bring every day to boot camp

Name of Soldier
Clothing Items
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PFC Checklist

LCpl Checklist

Cpl Checklist

**Note:  Promotions require all areas on the checklist to be fulfilled.  Recommendation, look at the checklist for the next rank to be ready. 

Instructional Videos.

Active Parents and Active Soldiers.

‚ÄčParents, Please use the PayPal button to make any payments on upcoming events.  Just click and select the one you are paying for and add it to your Cart.  Also, Please type the soldier's name for us to apply it to.

Here are the promotion lists of the soldiers eligible for promotion and the checklists.  Parents, please fill out the checklist for the rank your soldier is eligible to be promoted to.

Permission Slips and Gear Lists.


You can order T-shirts or sweatshirts here from Youth Small to Adult XL.  If you want larger sizes you can fill out the order form and submit through our office.

This order form has an additional $.30 per item and 2.9% tax to cover the credit fees.

Clothing Orders.

On this page you will find the permission slips and gear lists for events we have coming up in the current training season.  Also, instructional videos.

Placement of name tapes some they can be sewn with beige thread.